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  • Book

    Eagly, A. H. and Chaiken, S.

    The psychology of attitudes

    1993 - Ted Buchholz - Orlando, Florida

    In-text: (Eagly and Chaiken, 1993)

    Your Bibliography: Eagly, A. and Chaiken, S., 1993. The psychology of attitudes. Orlando, Florida: Ted Buchholz.

  • Book

    Hogg, M. A. and Vaughan, G. M.

    Social psychology

    2014 - Pearson - Harlow

    In-text: (Hogg and Vaughan, 2014)

    Your Bibliography: Hogg, M. and Vaughan, G., 2014. Social psychology. 7th ed. Harlow: Pearson.

  • Book

    Hummel, K. M.

    Introducing second language acquisition

    2013 - Wiley Blackwell - Chichester [etc.]

    In-text: (Hummel, 2013)

    Your Bibliography: Hummel, K., 2013. Introducing second language acquisition. Chichester [etc.]: Wiley Blackwell.

  • Website

    speaking | Definition of speaking in English by Oxford Dictionaries


    In-text: (speaking | Definition of speaking in English by Oxford Dictionaries, 2018)

    Your Bibliography: Oxford Dictionaries | English. 2018. speaking | Definition of speaking in English by Oxford Dictionaries. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 18 March 2018].

  • Book

    Saville-Troike, M. and Barto, K.

    Introducing second-language acquisition

    2012 - Cambridge University Press - Cambridge

    In-text: (Saville-Troike and Barto, 2012)

    Your Bibliography: Saville-Troike, M. and Barto, K., 2012. Introducing second-language acquisition. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  • Book

    Siraj-Blatchford, I., Clarke, K. and Needham, M.

    The team around the child

    2011 - Trentham Books - Stoke on Trent

    In-text: (Siraj-Blatchford, Clarke and Needham, 2011)

    Your Bibliography: Siraj-Blatchford, I., Clarke, K. and Needham, M., 2011. The team around the child. Stoke on Trent: Trentham Books.

  • Book

    Vogel, T. K., Wänke, M. and Bohner, G.

    Attitudes and attitude change


    In-text: (Vogel, Wänke and Bohner, 2014)

    Your Bibliography: Vogel, T., Wänke, M. and Bohner, G., 2014. Attitudes and attitude change.

  • Book

    Walker, G.

    Working together for children

    2008 - Continuum - London

    In-text: (Walker, 2008)

    Your Bibliography: Walker, G., 2008. Working together for children. London: Continuum.

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