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  • Journal

    Barnes Lipscomb, V.

    ''The play's the thing'': theatre as a scholarly meeting ground in age studies

    2013 - International Journal of Ageing and Later Life

    In-text: (Barnes Lipscomb, 2013)

    Your Bibliography: Barnes Lipscomb, V., 2013. ''The play's the thing'': theatre as a scholarly meeting ground in age studies. International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, 7(2), pp.117-141.

  • Journal

    Basting, A. D.

    The Stages of Age: The Growth of Senior Theatre

    1995 - TDR (1988-)

    In-text: (Basting, 1995)

    Your Bibliography: Basting, A., 1995. The Stages of Age: The Growth of Senior Theatre. TDR (1988-), 39(3), p.112.

  • Book

    Basting, A. D.

    The stages of age

    2001 - The University of Michigan Press - Ann Arbor

    In-text: (Basting, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Basting, A., 2001. The stages of age. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.

  • Book

    Bouson, J. B.

    Shame and the aging woman

    2016 - Springer International Publishing - New York

    In-text: (Bouson, 2016)

    Your Bibliography: Bouson, J., 2016. Shame and the aging woman. 1st ed. New York: Springer International Publishing, pp.18-20.

  • Book

    Butler, J.

    Gender trouble

    1990 - Routledge - New York and London

    In-text: (Butler, 1990)

    Your Bibliography: Butler, J., 1990. Gender trouble. New York and London: Routledge.

  • Book

    Gullette, M. M.

    Aged by culture

    2005 - Univ. of Chicago Press - Chigaco [u.a.]

    In-text: (Gullette, 2005)

    Your Bibliography: Gullette, M., 2005. Aged by culture. Chigaco [u.a.]: Univ. of Chicago Press.

  • Book

    Lehmann, H. and Jürs-Munby, K.

    Postdramatic theatre

    2009 - Routledge - London

    In-text: (Lehmann and Jürs-Munby, 2009)

    Your Bibliography: Lehmann, H. and Jürs-Munby, K., 2009. Postdramatic theatre. London: Routledge.

  • Book

    Mangan, M.

    Staging Ageing

    2014 - Intellect - Bristol

    In-text: (Mangan, 2014)

    Your Bibliography: Mangan, M., 2014. Staging Ageing. Bristol: Intellect.

  • Journal

    Trethewey, A.

    Reproducing and Resisting the Master Narrative of Decline

    2001 - Management Communication Quarterly

    In-text: (Trethewey, 2001)

    Your Bibliography: Trethewey, A., 2001. Reproducing and Resisting the Master Narrative of Decline. Management Communication Quarterly, [online] 15(2), pp.183-226. Available at: <> [Accessed 18 June 2018].

  • Journal

    Woodward, K. M.

    Performing Age, Performing Gender

    2006 - NWSA Journal

    In-text: (Woodward, 2006)

    Your Bibliography: Woodward, K., 2006. Performing Age, Performing Gender. NWSA Journal, [online] 18(1), pp.162-189. Available at: <> [Accessed 29 June 2018].

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