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    Beaver, K.

    The Most Common Network Security Vulnerabilities


    Passwords shouldn’t even be part of a network security vulnerability discussion knowing what we now know. However, many web applications, content management systems, and even database servers are still configured with weak or default passwords. Who needs file inclusion or SQL injection when the file system or database can be accessed directly?

    In-text: (Beaver, n.d.)

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    What Is Network Security?


    Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies.

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    Collider, S.

    How Secure Is My Password?

    2018 - Dashlane


    In-text: (Collider, 2018)

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    NIST Special Publication 800-63B


    Verifiers SHOULD NOT require memorized secrets to be changed arbitrarily (e.g., periodically). However, verifiers SHALL force a change if there is evidence of compromise of the authenticator.

    In-text: (NIST Special Publication 800-63B, n.d.)

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    human side of IT security position


    No technology provider can eliminate the possibility of human error.

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    The Human Side of Security | SecurityWeek.Com

    security week

    In-text: (The Human Side of Security | SecurityWeek.Com, n.d.)

    Your Bibliography: n.d. The Human Side of Security | SecurityWeek.Com. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 17 May 2018].

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