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  • Artwork

    Bronzino, A.

    Allegorical Portrait of Dante


    In-text: (Bronzino, 1530)

    Your Bibliography: Bronzino, A., 1530. Allegorical Portrait of Dante. [Oil on wood].

  • Artwork

    Cezanne, P.

    Basket of Apples


    In-text: (Cezanne, 1895)

    Your Bibliography: Cezanne, P., 1895. Basket of Apples. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    da Vinci, L.

    Mona Lisa


    In-text: (da Vinci, 1503)

    Your Bibliography: da Vinci, L., 1503. Mona Lisa. [Oil on poplar panel].

  • Artwork

    Duchamp, M.



    In-text: (Duchamp, 1917)

    Your Bibliography: Duchamp, M., 1917. Fountain. [Sculpture].

  • Artwork

    Duchamp, M.



    In-text: (Duchamp, 1919)

    Your Bibliography: Duchamp, M., 1919. L.H.O.O.Q.. [Pencil on postcard].

  • Artwork

    Fantin-Latour, H.

    A Basket of Roses


    In-text: (Fantin-Latour, 1890)

    Your Bibliography: Fantin-Latour, H., 1890. A Basket of Roses. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Kramskoi, I.

    Christ in the Desert


    In-text: (Kramskoi, 1872)

    Your Bibliography: Kramskoi, I., 1872. Christ in the Desert. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Magritte, R.



    In-text: (Magritte, 1921)

    Your Bibliography: Magritte, R., 1921. Bathers. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Massys, Q.

    An Old Woman (The Ugly Dutchess)


    In-text: (Massys, 1513)

    Your Bibliography: Massys, Q., 1513. An Old Woman (The Ugly Dutchess). [Oil on oak panel].

  • Artwork

    Modigliani, A.

    Le grand Nu


    In-text: (Modigliani, 1917)

    Your Bibliography: Modigliani, A., 1917. Le grand Nu. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Modigliani, A.

    Jeanne Hebuterne


    In-text: (Modigliani, 1919)

    Your Bibliography: Modigliani, A., 1919. Jeanne Hebuterne. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Monet, C.

    Haystacks at Giverny


    In-text: (Monet, 1884)

    Your Bibliography: Monet, C., 1884. Haystacks at Giverny. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Repin, I.

    Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581


    In-text: (Repin, 1885)

    Your Bibliography: Repin, I., 1885. Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Veronese, P.

    Boy with a Greyhound


    In-text: (Veronese, 1570)

    Your Bibliography: Veronese, P., 1570. Boy with a Greyhound. [Oil on canvas].

  • Artwork

    Weiwei, A.

    Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn


    In-text: (Weiwei, 1995)

    Your Bibliography: Weiwei, A., 1995. Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn. [Photographic triptych].

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