When researching a paper, you’ll usually find several sources related to your topic and want to reference all of them in your paper. However, it can be tricky to develop an even distribution of your own original ideas and information from sources found through research. It is tempting to simply regurgitate information back to back. This is not a good idea, however, as it does not present the most professional and well-developed piece of writing.

Instead, try some of the following ways to cite multiple sources in the same paragraph without sounding clunky.

Different Authors

If one idea in your paper corresponds to information in more than one source, you can reference both sources in the same sentence and in-text citation parenthesis. For example, an in-text citation in APA format in this situation would look like this:

Two studies (Miller, 2015; Smith, 2016) have concluded that…

If you are making completely different references in the same paragraph, try to spread them out by including a sentence or two of how that source relates to your idea in between references.

Same Author

To cite multiple sources by the same author in the same paragraph, include the title of the work you are referencing along with the other information within the in-text citation parenthesis. Here is how that would look in MLA format:

  • (Haynes, Noah’s Curse 85)
  • (Haynes, The Last Segregated Hour 57)

General Guidelines

Be sure to include an in-text citation for each source you directly quote, paraphrase, or otherwise reference.

If multiple sentences reference the same work and the same central idea, you can use one parenthetical citation for that entire block of writing, instead of including one after each sentence.

Always be sure to check your citation styles’ rules for citing multiple works in the same paragraph, or consult your librarian or teacher for help.